• SOFT-SPOT® Foundation

    The SOFT-SPOT® Solution The SOFT-SPOT® was developed by CTE Wind’s engineeri...
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  • rock adaptor rouge

    Rock Anchor Foundation

    The Rock Anchor – Rock Adaptor Solution The rock anchor is a complex but e...
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  • Persepctive of a ribbed / star foundation in Latin America.

    Ribbed Foundation

    The Ribbed / Star Solution The ribbed foundation solution consists of a thin sla...
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  • High Plinth / Pedestal Foundation

    The High Plinth / Pedestal Solution High plinth / pedestal foundation allows to ...
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  • Drawing of a L-flange in an anchor cage

    Anchor Cage Design

    The Bolt Cage Design The anchor cage design solution allows to optimize the foun...
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  • Pile group drawing

    Pile Foundation

    The Pile Group Solution Pile foundation transfer the load coming from the wind t...
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  • Hollow Foundation For Concrete Towers

    The Hollow Foundation Solution The hollow foundation solution allows the recepti...
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  • Intertidal Nearshore Foundation

    The Nearshore Solution The nearshore foundation is a proven solution in intertid...
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  • CTE Wind R&D Foundation Design

    Gravity foundation

    The Standard Solution The design of this solution consists of a slab foundation ...
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