Our Services

Structural engineering for on-shore wind turbine foundations

CTE Wind presents its range of services and solutions to meet all your demands:


  • Verification of geotechnical interpretative reports to confirm if all necessary soil values are provided
  • Synthesis and grouping of soil values for foundation optimization for wind farms
  • Site Assessment to determine the required geotechnical site investigation campaign
  • Procurement Support in the selection of geotechnical contractors for the establishment of the geotechnical report


  • Designs following international standards and specific wind guidelines by respecting local country regulations
  • Preliminary designs (report and schematic drawing) to identify potential cost optimisations based on the geotechnical report and to compare required designs for different wind turbine models under consideration
  • Detailed designs (full structural report and construction drawings) based on our experience and the requirements of turbine manufacturers, ensuring a safe, reliable and economical design. Complete verifications including : loads, partial security factor, dynamic rotational stiffness, SLS and ULS, the analysis of fatigue loads and the calculation of reinforcements
  • Bankable reports: Designs which can be submitted for approval by the insurers, banks, manufacturers and others. We accompany our customers until the final validation with these organizations

Complementary competences

  • Anchor cage design : detailed dimensioning including fatigue verification, grout determination, bolt post-tension forces and fabrication drawing
  • Design of all types of piles (driven, bored, etc.) adapted to different soil conditions including the geotechnical calculation to determine their length and allowable stresses
  • Innovative design solutions (high pedestal, soft-spot, rock anchor foundation, near-shore foundations and others). Engineering foundation solutions for turbine prototypes (i.e.: Offshore prototype, two-blade turbine, guyed mast, folding mast, etc…)
  • Design Reviews/CAT III Checks: full independent calculations and cross checking against design by 3rd party consultant with proposal for improvement/optimization of these foundations if necessary
  • Foundation Seismic Assesment Study : Review of the OEM tower design and check compliance to relevant standards that are applicable to the wind farm project in question and provide input back to the OEM with details on required tower design adaptations, if required. Load seismic cases can be then established if needed.


  • Fact finding Site visits to visually inspect anomalies
  • Root Cause Analysis Assessments
  • Site inspections to verify satisfactory repair of damaged foundations


  • On-site inspection upon reception of the reinforcements before concrete casting
  • Construction Monitoring of foundations
  • Construction Quality Assurance of foundations through verification of checklists and test results