About us

Who we are?

CTE Wind Poland (CTP) is an engineering consulting firm specialized in the analysis and design of onshore wind turbine foundations.

The office is composed of Polish engineers with licences, enrolled in the Engineering council of the country and who understand the local regulations.

CTE Wind Poland (CTP) is part of the group CTE.

CTE WIND Worldwide

Our company has offices in France, Brazil, Vietnam, Poland, Portugal, USA, Ireland and in Spain. We can intervene anywhere in the world. In case of specific need, we use local partners to sign our construction drawings.

Why work with us?

Project Quality
CTE WIND Poland is covered by a special insurance for the foundation design of all wind and photovoltaic projects worldwide. No dispute has ever been declared, proof of the quality of our engineering teams’ work to design efficient and sustainable foundations.

Foundation design experts
The foundations are crucial to ensure a perfect connection with the tower and an appropriate design is essential to withstand the tower loads. Our foundation designs are adapted to the soil characteristics of each construction site. A rigorous analysis of the soil report allows us to extract the needed values for the design. Therefore, the volume of concrete and steel is optimised and the easy positioning of reinforcements ensured. As a result, foundations are fit for purpose, reliable, durable and cost-effective.

Certified studies
Our designs for reinforced concrete, steel structures and geotechnics are approved by recognised certification and inspection bodies: Apave, DNV GL, Bureau Veritas, Seco, TÜV Nord, Socotec, Lahmeyer, Tractebel, etc.

Trust relationship
Over the years we have gained the confidence of the main players in the market: turbine manufacturers, project developers and construction companies.