SOFT-SPOT Foundation

The SOFT-SPOT® Solution

The SOFT-SPOT® was developed by CTE Wind’s engineering team and is implemented in various countries around the world. This foundation design optimizes the use of resources and helps to save concrete, reinforcement bars and less surface for the foundation. This reduces the time and costs.

La Richardais (FRA) – CTE Wind has already developed and implemented some projects since the launch of the SOFT-SPOT®. Several hundreds of the new foundation design are built around the world : Brazil, France, Lithuania, Indonesia, Mexico, Netherland, Russia, Serbia, Sweden and Thailand to name a few. As a result of his astonishing design the projects allow savings in concrete volume up to 15%, reduction of foundation diameter and total weight of reinforcement bars of 2-5%. In some cases what is even more important than the material costs is the available space : with SOFT-SPOT® you need less surface for the foundation. This reduces the time and excavation costs.

Layer of soft material

CTE WIND Civil Engineering presents to the market a new foundation system for wind turbines, a WTG shallow gravity foundation with SOFT-SPOT®. Through placing a layer of soft material below the central part of the foundation, the slab will effectively act as a ring foundation with respect to the soil-structure interaction. The bearing pressure of the WTG is concentrated at the annular contact surface closer to the edge of the slab. This increases the lever arm of the stabilizing moment. Therefore, the foundation diameter can be reduced in comparison to a standard foundation solution.

Simply the most economical foundation

Thanks to SOFT-SPOT® intelligent design less excavation work is needed. This reduces the machine costs. A major point is that no additional training of site workers is required for the construction of the soft layer. The construction is very easy and the material for the soft layer can be purchased cheaply all over the world. Or as one of CTE Wind’s client pointed out: It is simply the most economical foundation you can choose. (ctewind)

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