Created in 2010 , CTP "Subsidiary of CTE WIND" , is a Polish consulting firm specialized in the design of onshore wind turbine foundations. The office is composed of Polish engineers enrolled in the Engineering council of the country and who understand the local regulations.

To date, CTP has worked on 134 wind farms in Poland.

Our projects in Poland

CONTINO WIND Białogard Building & Exec. Design NORDEX 2012
WIATROMILL Kozielice Building Design VESTAS 2014
DOMREL BUI Września Building & Exec. Design VESTAS 2014
ERG RENEW SPA Słupia Building & Exec. Design VESTAS 2014
IKEA POLSKA Gizałki Executive Design REPOWER 2014
ENERGA WYTWARZANIE Myślino Executive Design GAMESA 2014
KD WIND POZNAŃ Strzelce Krajeńskie Building & Exec. Design SIEMENS 2014
PGE ENERGIA ODNAW. Lotnisko Executive Design ALSTOM 2014
PW DOLICE WARSZAWA Dolice Building Design SENVION 2016
JM ENERGIA GDYNIA Chełmża Executive Design VESTAS 2015
3E GDYNIA Tuchola Executive Design VESTAS 2015
WIRON GDYNIA Chojnice Executive Design VESTAS 2015
POLENERGIA OBRÓT Mycielin Executive Design VESTAS 2015
GDF SUEZ (ENGIE) Dąbrowice Executive Design GE 2015
DOMREL BUI Kalisz Pilot Północ Building Design GAMESA 2015
EDPR Bobowo Building & Exec. Design GAMESA 2015
ERG RENEW SPA Szydłowo Executive Design VESTAS 2015
BIASA Białczyn Executive Design GAMESA 2015
NORDEX POLSKA Poniatowa Building Design NORDEX 2016
SIŁOWNIE WIATROWE Rękoraj Executive Design LEITWIND 2015
ENERGIX RENEW. EN Kozielice I Executive Design VESTAS 2015
INTERACTIVE PLATF. 5 Miłosław Building Design NORDEX 2015
EDPR Wyszogród Building Design VESTAS 2016
EDPR Bodzanów Building Design VESTAS 2015
PW STOLNO II TORUŃ Stolno II Building Design VENSYS 2015
ENERGOKON ŚLESIN Roztoka Executive Design SENVION 2015
KD WIND POZNAŃ Strzelce Krajeńskie III Building Design SIEMENS 2015
PW DOLICE WARSZAWA Dolice II (Sądów) Building Design SENVION 2016
PW DOLICE WARSZAWA Pomietów Building Design SENVION 2016
NORDEX POLSKA Rozdrażew Building Design NORDEX 2016
DOMREL BUI Dobrzyca Building Design GE 2015
DOMREL BUI Rydzyna 3 Building Design GE 2015
KALISKIE EW POZNAŃ Jarocin Pilot Południe Building Design GAMESA 2015
EKOLOGIA SYSTEM KUŚLIN Kuślin, Turkowo Building Design VESTAS 2016
CONTINO WIND Grajewo II Building Design VESTAS 2016
ENERGIX RENEW. EN Kozielice II Executive Design VESTAS 2016
ENERGIX RENEW. EN Bielice Executive Design VESTAS 2016
QUADRAN WP 2 WARSZAWA Parzęczew Building Design VESTAS 2016
CONTINO WIND Odolanów Building Design VESTAS 2016
EPA WIND SZCZECIN Bądecz Building Design SIEMENS 2016
PEP FW DĘBICE/KOSTOMŁOTY Kostomłoty Building Design SIEMENS 2016
PEPINO SZCZECIN Szymankowo Building Design SIEMENS 2016
CONTINO WIND Sulmierzyce Building Design VESTAS 2016
EW RYWALD TORUŃ Rywałd Building Design SIEMENS 2016
MARCIN SIEDLECKI Alinowo Building Design SENVION 2016
ENERGETYKA POLSKA Jastrzębie Building Design LEITWIND 2016
BLACHY PRUSZ.-ENER Czerwonka Stara Building Design ENERCON 2016
EUROCAPE Sośno Building Design VESTAS 2016
EDPR Staroźreby Building Design VESTAS 2016
GDDKIA Tymień Building Design VESTAS 2016
NORDEX POLSKA Siemiatycze Building Design NORDEX 2016
GREEN BEAR Świecie Building Design SIEMENS 2016
BLACHY PRUSZ.-ENER Żelechlinek I Building Design ENERCON 2016
WIND ENERGY LUBLIN Zakrzew Building Design LEITWIND 2016
CONTINO WIND Grajewo Building Design GAMESA 2016
NORDEX POLSKA Koźmin Wielkopolski Building Design NORDEX 2016


Searching for new markets, we are increasing number of contacts in Central Europe, Eastern Europe and especially in Central Asia where new markets are emerging.

  • We have participated at the ReEnergy Kazakhstan 2017 exhibition in Almaty (Kazakhstan) between 24th - 26th October. Our participation confirms our strong commitment to the development of the wind sector in the region and is focused on increasing our market share participation.
  • We participated as well in the forum "Financing renewable energy projects in Russia" on November 9th organized by CREON Energy in Moscow. Our attendance to this meeting allowed us to establish new contacts in the Russian market and opened the possibility to work on new projects in the wind energy sector.
  • We attended the 10th Conference of the Russian Association of Wind Power Industry (RAWI) in the heart of Moscow’s business centre. This meeting brought together key people from the industry whose potential is estimated at several hundred megawatts per year until at least 2024.


  • Białogard Wind Farm: 2 turbines Nordex N100 on shallow foundations. First project of CTP erected in Poland in 2012.
    • illus_bialogard_01
    • illus_bialogard_02
    • illus_bialogard_03
  • Lotnisko Wind Farm: 30 turbines Alstom ECO110 with foundations on SCR or CFA piles. One of the largest renewable energy projects in Poland early 2015.
    • Lotnisko_wind_farm_01
    • Lotnisko_wind_farm_02
    • Lotnisko_wind_farm_03
  • Dąbrowice Wind Farm: 13 turbines GE 2.X-120 on deep foundations – precast piles. To adjustment of the anchoring cage, a separate steel structure was designed, partially left on concrete structure of the foundation.
    • Dabrowice_wind_farm_01
    • Dabrowice_wind_farm_02
    • Dabrowice_wind_farm_03
  • Kozielice Wind Park (phase 1&2): 43 turbines Vestas V100 on 4 types of foundations – shallow or deep - precast piles adapted to each site.
    • illus_kozielice_1
    • illus_kozielice_4
    • illus_kozielice_5
  • Szydłowo Wind Farm: 7 turbines Vestas V100 on 2 types of deep foundations (precast piles), on ground with varied parameters.
    • Szydlowo_wind_farm_01
    • Szydlowo_wind_farm_02
    • Szydlowo_wind_farm_03