Services in onshore foundation design in France

CTE Wind presents its range of services and solutions to meet all your demands:

  • Studies following the French standard and guides accepted in France by the control office.
  • Advice and assistance in the verification of content and completeness of necessary documents.
  • Consulting missions in the selection of tenders for geotechnical studies.
  • Preliminary designs for the site chosen in order to optimize costs based on the geotechnical report or in order to compare different machines under consideration.
  • Detailed designs based on our experience and the requirements of turbine manufacturers, ensuring a safe, reliable and economical design.
  • Complete verifications including dynamic rotational stiffness, SLS and ULS, the analysis of loads at fatigue and the calculation of reinforcements.
  • Designs which can be submitted for approval by the insurers, manufacturers and regulators in charge.
  • On-site inspection upon reception of the reinforcements before concreting (Cat.III Check).